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October 23, 2020

Dave and Jeff are very grateful to their generous sponsors. Please click below for some great values.

Hackett Publishing Hackett is offering 20% off, plus free shipping, on all Hackett website retail orders from now until December 31st, 2021. Add the paperback or cloth edition of the book(s) you’d like to order to your cart, and use coupon code AN2021 at the top of the shopping cart page prior to checkout. This offer is only available to customers in the US and Canada for one copy per title, per customer, and not applicable to instructor examination copy orders. 

Ratio Coffee of Portland, OR is offering Ad Navseam listeners 15% off their amazing Ratio Six premium coffee maker.  Use coupon code ANCO at checkout to get this fabulous deal.

Moss Method for Greek Expert, accessible, self-paced online Greek instruction. Dr. Noe will take you painlessly from neophyte to erudite. Become the Greek scholar you always wanted to be.

LatinPerDiem Sign up for our free daily Latin lessons from a broad range of authors, spanning 2300 years of the corpus. Dr. Noe has analyzed more than 1600 small selections of Latin from actual authors.

Where does that great intro and outro music come from? Through the generosity of these amazing musicians. Check out their work below.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Online singing guru, Dove-Award winning vocalist with 5-octave range, Ken will teach you how to sing better than anyone else.

Scott Van Zen Guitar School - Scott is a pro guitarist and has played with performers like Brian Howe from Bad Company, Gene Simmons of KISS, and DOVE Award-winner Ken Tamplin.

If you'd like to be a part of this gastro-Classical journey - drop us a message at

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