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Memorizing Latin: The Why and Some What, Part 2 (Gvrgle 4)

October 11, 2022

Tune in for Part 2 of our Gvrgle on memorizing Latin. In this brief episode we look at selections from King David , Appendini, Verinus, Gatti, Wegeler, the Apostle John, and more. Add some famous Latin quips and bon mots to your memory storehouse and repertoire. If you want to join the project, become a LatinPerDiem patron ( for $1.99/mo or sign up for Dr. Noe's LLPSI class ( This will get you the master document of the 20 sayings with translations, plus two high quality audio files (Latin only, and Latin with English translation).

The one who wants to give to others should not say: ‘Do you want it?’

             But he should simply state: Take this, sweet friend! - Wegeler

Have at it!

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