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Ad Navseam Episode 6: SCHLIEMANN!

October 13, 2020
In this episode Dave and Jeff make their way through the life and (mis)adventures of Heinrich Schliemann, the German polyglot, tycoon, and romantic who was instrumental in the discovery of the sites of ancient Troy and Mycenae.  Who was this man?  Was he a legitimate archaeologist?  A mad genius?  A grave robber?  Charlatan?  All of the above?  Come along as we dig up Priam's Treasure, death masks that resemble puffer fish, as well as tackle weighty questions such as "Did the Mycenaeans tweak their handle-bar moustaches with some sort of ancient Brylcreem?".  And fellas: don't miss some hot tips for finding that special lady who exudes an "Homeric Spirit".

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