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Ad Navseam Episode 15: I Can’t Spare a Square! - Horror Vacui and the Dipylon Vase

December 15, 2020

Filling every nook and cranny, Jeff and Dave this week focus on their fears, and the 8th century B.C. pottery masterpiece known as the Dipylon Vase. What drives an artist and a culture to create a work like this in which every inch of the surface is covered? Is there something to this “fear of the empty space”?  What about the funeral scene that dominates the titular objet d'art, and when is that crunchy, creamy Jif sponsorship coming through?  So come on in for a whirlwind tour of early Greek art, play a quick game of Where’s Waldopolous?, and even learn about Edward Hopper’s influence on Alfred Hitchcock.  And don’t forget to water the ferns…unless you’re a pteridophobe, that is.

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