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Ad Navseam Episode 33: “Reunited and it Feels so Good”–Homer’s Odyssey, Part 9 (Books 15-17)

April 20, 2021

Ecce! Here it is, the tearjerking, heartbreaking, bird-shrieking, deeply satisfying reunion between long-lost Odysseus and his heroic son Telemachus. Jeff and Dave guide you through all the action as Tely returns to the hut of the humble swineherd Eumaeus (swineherd good, goatherd bad, cowherd so-so) to rendezvous with dad. Don’t miss Eumaeus’ backstory, plenty of bird omens, and Odysseus dodging stool legs while disguised as a beggar. You not only get Jeff’s penetrating literary analysis, but you also learn he has some bones to pick with Homer over these extended lessons in xenia (do we need so much wine, meat, and sparkly robes?) in these “troughy” books. And be sure to smirk derisively at Dave’s typical string of self-indulgent, piffling puns. Achoober? Srsly?

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